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TRVTH Performance is the exclusive provider of Jump, Speed and Agility Training to Revolution Volleyball athletes. Our commitment is to provide measured, safe and customized training that focuses on increasing performance in core volleyball movements. Programs are conducted at Revolution Volleyball club location in Magnolia, TX


Our Process



Improving an athlete's performance begins with establishing an understanding of where they are starting or a baseline. We test Jump and Agility standards that are consistent with amateur and professional sports. Fusion Sports testing equipment is utilized by the NCAA, NFL, MLB and NBA programs and is considered the gold standard in testing.

Volleyball Specific Footwork & Skills



Defensive Drills


Revolution Training Programs

Testing, Team Practices and Group Training Programs

Performance Testing and Profile

Independent third party testing for both vertical jump and shuttle speed is completed and results are downloaded to a profile that will be created for your athlete. This serves as a monthly progress tracker. The profile can be used as a valuable recruitment tool with college coaches because it provides monthly metrics on vertical jump and shuttle agility progress.

Athletes can choose to purchase a single test or can have monthly testing and profile set-up included as part of their monthly plan. Testing is conducted the first week of every month to keep accurate track of the athlete's progress and allows our staff to design the most effective programming. The athletes in the program with a profile will also be updated and published monthly.     

Volleyball Huddle

Team Practice

Team training is conducted in accordance with your team's practice schedule. These sessions begin 15 minutes before your team practice and run for a total of 30 minutes. Parents of eligible teams will be notified with program details.

Group Training

Classes focus on training for athletes who want to enhance their performance capabilities with custom workouts focused on jump and agility training. Sessions last 45 minutes and begin at 5:30 & 6:15 Monday and Wednesday. Please book your class with the link above to reserve.

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Private Training  and Skills Clinics

Individual or Small Group Training

Private Training

These sessions focus on increasing speed and agility for individual performance goals and improvements. Lessons are conducted one-on-one for performance training and small group for position specific training. For information and availability please email: josh.micklos@trvthperformance.com

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Skills Clinics

These sessions focus on specific volleyball techniques with resistance. Lessons are focused on increasing power and speed.


Program Information 

Monthly Testing and Profile 

  • Testing is available for single session purchase or included with profile in designated group training plans 
  • Testing is conducted the first week of every month   

Group Training Sessions:

  • Group training will be conducted at 5:30 & 6:15  Monday and Wednesday

  • Session times are limited to 12 participants and can be reserved online in the scheduling section above 

  • Several training packages are available and can be found in the plans and pricing section 

In-Season Team Sessions:

  • Coaches will be in contact with eligible teams' parents 

  • Training begins at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm depending on the teams' regular start time

Private Training 

  • Private training for speed and agility can be scheduled by email at: josh.micklos@trvthperformance.com

  • Private or small group training with resistance can be scheduled with a Revolution Club Director 

  • Skills Clinics 

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1. Select your Plan

Choose and purchase the plan that's best for your athlete with the plans and pricing button in the menu

2. Choose Day and Time

Book your day and time with the booking button in the menu

3. You're All Set

Show up ready to work!

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Weekly Update 1/12/20

Group training can now be scheduled for Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 or 6:15. The group format is designed to give the athletes a great workout while focusing on speed and agility improvement. For questions and information about any of our programs please use the content us form submission at the bottom of this site. Have great week.

Weekly Motivation

" There is always going to be a reason why you can't do something; your job is to constantly look for the reasons why you can achieve your dreams."

- Shannon Miller

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Our company story is simple. We are coaches, athletes, and parents who care significantly about safe performance development in youth athletics. The way we establish TRVTH is to present testing facts, set smart goals and conduct training that is safe and effective to achieve the desired results. 

We use the letter V to remind us that we are the voice that pushes U to be your best.  


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